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Privacy Policy


A-Class Tiling Services LTD, take your privacy very seriously indeed.

We provide this Privacy Policy so as to ensure that you are clear about what we do to look


after your privacy whilst dealing with us here at A-Class Tiling Services LTD (A-CTSL).

This policy explains what we do with your information and also what we do not do with it.

We provide simple explanations that stand with integrity and honesty at all times.

Should you have any other questions, please take a look at our A-CTSL Terms and Conditions and feel free to give us a call at any time.

So what about our Use of your information:

  • We here at A-CTSL do not and will not ever give, sell or loan your personal information to any party outside A-CTSL without your express permission.

  • Should we wish to do so in the future for a particular purpose, we will contact you and get your permission prior to acting.

  • Of course we will provide your information to other parties if we believe its release is for any legal compliance and law enforcement (this is inclusive of Government departments that have any statutory enforcement accountability such as the Police and the IRD); for use to facilitate court proceedings; to action or enforce issues within our ETG Terms and Conditions such as Debt Collection

  • Of course in the event of a danger or possible danger to our A-CTSL team and their associated work team we will provide what information is required at that time and deemed appropriate. This is for the protection of the A-CTSL people, property and any associated party. A-CTSL reserves the right to use their discretion in this matter at all times.

Correspondence, Telephone contact and E-Mail:

  • In our business of providing a suitable tradesperson to work with you, we may provide your information to our Tradesperson(s) or Service Provider should your contact not be by direct means. This is with a view to satisfying your wish to get work completed. In doing this we act with honesty and integrity and will not provide your information to any person(s), we do see as appropriate.

  • As per our general Terms and Conditions, we here at A-CTSL will from time to time, send e-mails and associated information to you as a customer. You have the right to stop the receipt of this information by simply requesting this from A-CTSL either by requesting this at the bottom of the e-mail or giving us a call here at A-CTSL We will always respect your privacy at all times.

  • We regularly ask for comment and feedback from our customer base as a means of measure for the quality of work and friendly manner of our A-CTSL team. We ask that you support us with this. There is no obligation to do so at any time.

Keeping things up to date:

Here at A-CTSL we provide the latest information for you as best we can. In turn, we ask that you do the same. If your information changes, please let us know so that we can update our records.

So what else do we do with your information:

  • Like any big company research provides us with information as to how we can do better and ultimately provide better service for our customers.

  • We collect data from the website to enable us to do this. For example, where you live, demographics, what jobs we have done for you, general website behavioral information. This enables us to see who are using our services and what we need to provide that we currently perhaps do not offer.

  • The information may well include your URL, what sites you have just come from and those you head off to next. It may also provide us with your IP Address (your computer address) and what browser you use (EG: Yahoo)

  • Any information you provide to us may be used for the collection of any and all such data or placed in a private electronic file.

Linked Websites:

  • From time to time we at A-CTSL will have other Websites linked to ours. These sites may well ask for your information and it is your responsibility to be aware of their requests and act accordingly.

  • We at A-CTSL have no control over other websites however we will act if we are aware of any misuse at any time.